*NEW: CPCI Program

The CCPTA, in collaboration with all Arlington PTAs, is establishing a central fund for APS literacy initiatives. This fund, the CCPTA PTA Collaboration Initiative (CPCI) allows PTAs to apply to fund programs or initiatives supporting literacy efforts in their schools. PTAs may donate funds, assistance or expertise to assist other Arlington PTAs.

Information on the program

PTA CPCI Program Application

If you have any questions, please contact a member of the CCPTA board (Chris, Lisa, Evan, Kathleen or Linley). 

PTA Presidents' Session - CCPTA Roundtable
June 15, 2015
Also, please remember to update your PTA Officers in the State PTA database. Fill out the online PTA Officer Form.

Additional Resources for Presidents

a. National PTA Back-to-School Kit
b. PTO Today articles on how to be a good president and leader
c. Parent Tips from the US Department of Education
d. Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit from the National PTA
e. Consult your school's past PTA President
f. APS Language Services Center for information about services for and assistance for second language families 
g. Get to know your school's Community Liaison and Minority Achievement Coordinator
h. Understand any community partnerships your school has, or create some
i. Contact CCPTA Secretary (and former PTA President) Kathleen McSweeney (703.243.0323 or mcsweeneykathleen at with questions or concerns

Treasurers' Session – CCPTA Roundtable
June 15, 2015
  • Turnover of Books
    • a. Put books/records in order if you are an outgoing treasurer
    • b. Don’t accept books until after the audit has been completed (President is responsible foraudits overall. The person recording the entries should not be tasked with getting their own books audited)
    • c. Review the Audit Checklist
    • d.Setup a time to go to the bank with the incoming treasure/past treasure and all signing authorities to complete account signature cards (VAPTA recommends 2 signatures)
    • e. Arrange time to review books with departing treasure and take possession of files
  • 990 Tax Forms
    • a. Usually completed by outgoing treasure, or current treasure
    • b. District office  of VAPTA offers training, please be sure to email to get the dates
    • c. Due Nov 15 – submit to IRS and to VAPTA
  • Dues – Local, State and National
    • a. Paid to CCPTA (local) and State and National. Send in membership fees as they join. Incentives to have members join in the fall
    • b. See VAPTA’s toolkit for more information
  • Treasurers’ Book
    • a. Put together at the beginning of the fiscal year
    • b. Keep copies of minutes of every meeting – minutes should document financial decisions/approvals (usually motions) and votes taken by the PTA
    • c. Budget
    • d. Bank Statement / bank reconciliations
    • e. Deposits slips and tracking sheets of deposits
    • f. Monthly Treasure’s report
Additional Resources:

a. Local unit resource guide:
b. PTA Money Matters Quick Reference Guide:
c. Past School’s Treasurer
d. CCPTA Treasurer: Linley Mancilla 202.340.0512 
e. Jennifer Young

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