Monday, February 22, 2016

Introducing the CPCI Program

This year, the CCPTA, under the leadership of President Chris Ditta, has decided to highlight solutions within our schools. Our goal is to identify and elevate PTA practices that work well in our schools, and share them broadly for others to adopt and modify to meet the needs of their families. As part of these conversations, we have been asked by PTAs who sometimes have excess funds how they could share their funds with schools who may not have the PTA infrastructure to fundraise to cover their initiatives.

Last fall, the CCPTA Board discussed the idea of creating a fund with Dr. Murphy, and asked what existing APS initiatives we could support through pooled funding. Together, we agreed to try creating a central fund, built from donations by PTAs, to support various initiatives in our public schools.

At the December meeting, the CCPTA board announced a new initiative: the CCPTA-PTA Collaboration Initiative, or CPCI.  Through this collaboration, PTAs and community organizations may contribute to a central fund. The fund will provide assistance to school PTAs that may not be in a position to pay for schools events or class trips.

Donations to the CPCI fund may be made in the form of money or in-kind resources. The CCPTA leadership has asked each PTA to earmark a donation for this initiative, and provide their donation by January 26, 2016. If a PTA does not have the ability to donate funds, it is encouraged to donate excess goods, assistance or expertise to another PTA. The CPCI initiative was discussed at our December 14th CCPTA meeting.

To date, the CCPTA has received some donations, but it is not too late for your PTA to give! If you have questions on the initiative, please contact one of the CCPTA Board Members. If your PTA would like to make a donation, please contact our Treasurer, Linley Mancilla.

For additional information about this program, or information on how to apply for funding, please see our PTA Resources page.

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