Thursday, September 17, 2015

CCPTA 2015-16 Goals and Welcome from CCPTA President

Dear CCPTA School Representatives and PTA Presidents,

Welcome Back!  As the Arlington County Council of PTA’s (CCPTA) President for the 2015-2016 year, I look forward to seeing you at our first meeting Monday, September 28th at 7 P.M. at the APS Ed Center, 1426 N. Quincy St., in Room 101.  The meeting schedule is below and also available on the “CCPTA BlogSpot”: which is a great resource for information about the CCPTA as well as individual school PTAs.  Please feel free to promote the website to your school, PTA and community organizations.
This month there will be a pre-meeting at 6:30 P.M. for Reflections.  Please invite your school’s Reflections representative to attend this informational gathering.  We hope your school has already started promoting this year’s Reflection theme:  “Let Your Imagination Fly.”  You may mark your school calendar for Arlington’s Reflections Ceremony which will take place on Jan. 27, at 6:30 p.m. at Wakefield High School. 
The CCPTA Board is excited to share with you our theme, “Spotlight on Solutions.  In that vein, we have adopted four strategic goals.  Your role at each meeting is to come prepared to address how these goals are connected to events in your school community.
1.       Facilitate/Highlight successful school-to-school and school-to-community Partnerships
2.       Communicate best practices, lessons learned and success stories related to Personalized Learning through the use of technology or differentiated instructional practices
3.       Promote Family Engagement and inclusive parent leadership opportunities
4.       Continue to support CCPTA and APS activities in the Arts, After-School Enrichment, Summer Opportunities, and Fundraising/Grants/Scholarships
As we “Spotlight on Solutions,” please come to the first meeting on September 28th prepared to answer the question “What topic/issue is the most important to your school this year?”  We would like to use each meeting to highlight each school’s top priorities and success stories. We hope that you will take an active role this year in bringing back to your PTA important information that you learn at our meetings, as well as bringing to our meetings key issues and highlights from your school.  For example, the September meeting is focused on the Whole Child, October is scheduled to be focused on the Arts, and November is scheduled to be focused on Community Partnerships.  Each month, key APS leadership and School Board members are in attendance.
In addition to your role as a liaison between your school and the CCPTA and APS, an immediate need is for you to ask your PTA at its first meeting this year to contribute to a new CCPTA “Innovations Fund,” which will be used to support APS library and classroom Literacy & Reading programs.  We are partnering with APS on this new initiative and seek to fund it through PTA and community contributions.  Please pledge a $1,000 contribution if capable.  If you have questions about this new initiative, please contact me or any member of the CCPTA Board.
If you received this email, you are already on the CCPTA list serve.  If there is anyone else from your school who would like to be on this list serve (e.g., PTA President, Webmaster, Newsletter Contact, etc.) please send me their email address or have them follow the directions at the top of the CCPTA BlogSpot home page to sign up. 
Thank you and I look forward to seeing you all at our first meeting on September 28th.
Evan Thomas  1st Vice President
Lisa Sockett  2nd Vice President
Linley Mancilla  Treasurer
Kathleen McSweeney  Secretary
Lavonne Stewart  Dues Chair
Chris Ditta
CCPTA President

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