Sunday, August 23, 2015

Challenge Racism Sessions Scheduled at Gunston Middle School

This Fall, Gunston is hosting “Challenge Racism Through Stories and Conversation” - a free discussion group on race for APS parents and community members.

Arlington neighbors recommend this discussion as... “thought-provoking”, “life-changing”, “invaluable” and “eye-opening”.  One Swanson parent who recently participated said, “It will challenge and focus you in such a positive way.  You will feel energized by what you learn.”

The discussions will be held at Gunston, however, this session is NOT limited to Gunston parents. All Arlington adults are all welcome. (Challenge Racism is recommended for everyone.)

Watch the Challenge Racism video online.

Find out more and register online:

Questions? Please contact:

Leah Maderal


100% Free.  The session is free and all materials are provided by the Office of Minority Achievement, Arlington Public Schools.

Please forward this email on to other listservs or to other APS parents and Arlington community members who might be interested.

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